Who we are

DataMatica Sp. z o.o. since 2010. We believe in specialization. Our mission is to provide Clients with professional, intuitive and ergonomic software. DataMatica was formed in 2010. We deliver innovative software solutions for some of the most demanding clients in a range of sectors. We specialize in creating applications that use GPS and BLE technology. Our company invest in new skills to remain at the forefront of IT technology.

What we do

We sell GPS devices and smartphones and also we do software in all major programming languages such as CC ++, Java and HTML, but the main area of our activity is the creation of mobile applications for iOS and Android. We specialize in creating applications that use GPS and BLE technology.

Modern mobile App and WEB service

Our mission is to provide a useful, innovative and intuitive applications. The culture of partnership and joint application design during the implementation of projects is our way of working.



UFG At Accident Case

App which is a must-have for every driver, it helps to document  car accidents and to prepare notice for insurance company. It also deliver key finder functionality. Available for iOS and Android



App made for CC2B and Ascen company to support Gas, Energy and Water meter reading and sending information to media provider. Available for Android



UFG Buy Car

App supports sellers and buyers in a car selling or buying transaction. Functionality includes automated document generation and insurance policy checking. Available for iOS and Android.


DM Angel GTS

GPS global tracking system for vehicles, people and pets.

Available for iOS and Android



DM TrackMan

GPS tracking system for vehicle fleet management. Web based and mobile App.


DM Smart Tag

App works with mini iBeacon and can be used to find importand things or taking care of children.